Our strategy is to;


Anatolia’s mineral resources using international accredited industry standards.

We believe that this is best done through forming mutually beneficial partnerships, as reflected in our vision: “Partners in the future”.

We are guided by our mission: “Together we create sustainable value that makes a real difference”. This is underpinned by our core values of safety, innovation, accountability, care and respect, integrity and collaboration that translate externally into the promise we make to all our stakeholders – Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.

We are creating an organisation where all people are treated in such a way they willingly give the best they’ve got.

We aim to recruit from our host communities, to attract high calibre people who are committed to the success of our organization and thrive on working in high performing teams. We are committed to developing the skills and capability of our people.

Our values

Our work spans every kind of challenge. But whatever we’re doing we always go about it in the same way. These six values form the blueprint for our way of working:

This is always first on our agenda – and with very good reason. We truly believe that ALL injuries are preventable and that by working together we can make safety a way of life, inside and outside the workplace.

Care and Respect
We always treat people with respect, dignity and common courtesy – regardless of their background, lifestyle or position. And we’re building trust through open, two-way communication every single day.

This means taking an honest, fair, ethical and transparent approach in everything we do. It’s not about being popular; it’s about always doing the right thing.

We take ownership of our decisions, our actions and our results. We deliver on our promises and acknowledge our mistakes. Above all we never pass blame.

No-one here is on their own. We’re one company with a joint ambition – all working together to make decisions and get things done more effectively.

Challenging the way things have always been done is a key priority for us. By actively developing new solutions, encouraging new ways of thinking and finding new ways of working, we’re dramatically improving business.