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By Richard Cronin

1798 is an important date in literary historical past: in that 12 months the Lyrical Ballads have been released anonymously through Joseph Cottle, the Bristol bookseller. yet it is a quantity now not concerning the Lyrical Ballads , yet approximately their 12 months. it's an try and re-create and look at the literary tradition of 1798, the tradition on which Wordsworth and Coleridge determined to make their 'experiment'. it's a publication within which Wordsworth and Coleridge vie for consciousness, as they did in 1798, with many different writers, together with Schleiermacher, John Thelwall, Mary Hays, the Abbe Barruel, Walter Savage Landor, Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Malthus, Joanna Baillie, George Canning, Robert Sothey and the Reverend T.J. Mathias. The chapters of this ebook interact to outline a unmarried ancient second that marked the start of romanticism in England.

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As an example of the latter, Jane West's relentlessly pedagogic Letters Addressed To A Young Man are published with the proviso that her maternal care towards a son leaving home alone justifies observations 'which, if introduced in the character of a public instructor, might be thought too masculine', and 'seem to trespass on a province wisely withheld from her sex' (Introduction, xx). The unsexed feminist is a relatively predictable slur. More surprising is the unsexing that is forced on the anti-jacobin woman by the perceived contradiction between her sex and her craft.

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