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The importance of the failure or violation lies in its legal effect, in other words, how the facts and circumstances, considered as a whole, relate to applicable law. An act might give rise to a cause of action in one set of circumstances but not in another. For example, an individual may be privileged to trespass on the property of another if the individual was in danger. In such a case, the property owner would not have a cause of action for trespass. However, the trespasser would need to compensate the property owner for any property damage.

In such cases, the statute overrules or modifies the common law. Tort law imposes minimum standards of behavior on all members of society; these standards include the duty to take reasonable steps to protect others from being injured or having their possessions damaged. ” This is an objective standard; it does not require perfection, and it takes into account that an average person does not foresee every risk. The average person is not assumed to be perfect, just ordinarily careful and prudent.

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