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В магистерской диссертации Гвидо Сегерса, защищённой в Университете Тильбург в Нидерландах в июле 2012 г., показывается, каким образом различные радикальные идеологические течения проявляют себя в специфической музыкальной субкультуре - "блэк-метал".

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Euronymous said the following about the event: “When we say that we are into death-metal then it means we worship the dead. There is nothing that is too raw, disgusting or sick. (Davisson, 2010, p. 185)” The way the band dealt with the suicide was too much for founding member Necrobutcher (Jørn Stubberud), who left the band after these events. The way Euronymous used the suicide to propel the band to even greater heights particularly was too much (Rydehead, 2008). This left the band in need of new blood to fill the empty spots in its lineup.

The core of a metal band are guitar, bass, drums and vocals, of which the latter is working in harmony with the music, something that is different in this music genre compared to the pop tradition. Vocal styles are very important in metal and range from soaring vocals in an almost operatic style, such as seen in Led Zeppelin in the early days to a raw, guttural vocal style in later death metal. “High volume, a wailing guitar, a booming bass drum, a heavy bass guitar line, and screaming vocals combine to release a vital power that lends its spirit to any lyrical theme… For heavy metal the sound as such – its timbre, its volume, and its feel – is what matters, what defines it as power, giving it inherent meaning.

Singer Dead from Mayhem gained fame for his self mutilation and ultimate suicide (Rydehead, 2008). Self mutilation also became part of the act for Mayhem singer Maniac in the reformed Mayhem in 1995 and his friend Kvarforth from Swedish band Shining. Maniac became notorious for both self mutilation and alcohol abuse. The use of blood and other fluids in black metal concerts is not uncommon either, placing the abject once more in the transgressive tradition. Most extreme to date is singer Kvarforth from The Shining who claims the purpose of his band is to hurt people and promote suicide: “It’s not about teenage angst or stuff like that, it’s like force feeding.

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