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By Vidyabhusana Satis Chandra

The writer has during this paintings sincerely marked the significant phases of Indian common sense within the mammoth interval of approximately thousand years starting from 640 and has traced how from Anviksiki the technological know-how of discussion Indian good judgment built into the technology of data Pramanasastra after which into the technology of dialectics Prakarana of Tarkasastra.

The therapy of the topic is either old and significant. the writer has traced a few Greek impact on indian common sense. for example he has proven how the 5 membered syllogism of Aristotle discovered its manner via Alexandria Syria and different international locations into Taxila and bought amalgamated with the Nyaya doctrine of inference.

The e-book is without doubt one of the pioneer works at the topics. It has drawn on unique resources exhaustively. in addition to the preface creation, foreword and desk of contents the paintings includes numerous appendices and indexes.

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1-2, p. 6, 6, Sham Sham Siistri's Sistri's edition). edition). w ~~ ~ "'�l'iI'iiI ~~~f« f1f1Ql: ,2 � .... "t. , 1-2, 1-2, p. p. 6). G). (ArthMiistra. ll1l"! ,�" .. Jqf\SfJ-l! "'uv(f~'I{ I .. �'Ii't "II'I � II lRI/T! rr:: I it'It iPrt "':�"'''. bha~ya.. 1-1-1). _fII"'I. � 'I1f1{ �fir�. 1-1-1) . I~ (Arth"'st", (Arthaaastra. , 1-2, p. 6). , in in Pili �, ~J in in Prikrta Prlikrta. lm( .. n �: ~: CHAP. 1. Anvik~iki or Anviksik, Anviksiki par par excellence. excellence. :\nvik~iki into Philosophy and Logic commenced with the very ,�nvik�ikj 550 B C C..

Adhyaya l7. 17. Skandapural)8, Gautama-dharma sutra.. sutra. adhyliyR adbyfiya 1II. Gautamar-dharma 1. GG R§;mliyana Ritmayana 1"13-23, 1 13-23, 7-53-15 7-53-15.. • 1 ibetan ':(,��·tl '1 The Nyaya is called in in T Tibetan ~zq~'Q Rig§;�pa Rig~-pa. Vlahiivyutpatti, part II, p. p. 133, edited in in Sanskrit·Tibotan-Enghsh Sanskrit-Tibetan-Engltsh by Dr. E, E. D. nd and Satis Satis Pal't Chandl'a idyabhusana in the Bibliotheca series, Calcutta lso ��tan� Obandt'a V Vidyabhusana Bibliotheca IndIca IndICa series, Calcutta;; a also-~atan­ 4 <10 00 .

III. Vide RockhIll's Life of Buddha, p. 64. Mahavagga, Khandhakas I, VIII In the name A��haka. " ____ -. Cf. IK1, LOGIC, ANCIENT ANCIENT SCHOOL, ANVIK~IKt, CHAP. CRAP. II. II. of the work contains a dissertation on the senses a summary of which is given below:There are five organs organ<3 of sense, viz. the eye, ear, eat' , nose, tongue and skin. The five elements of which these are made are fire, ether, sound . e,arth, water and air. The The five five objects of sense are colonr, sound, smell, taste and touch.

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