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By Rodney J. Payton

This ebook is an intensive advent to the Inferno for contemporary reader. it really is in response to Professor Payton's decades of analyzing Dante's masterpiece with college undergraduates and upon the paintings of some of the best smooth critics. The Guide can be utilized on my own as a serious relief or as a reference paintings for extra examine.

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One other issue remains. When Dante asks the reasonable question about the identity of the souls on the river bank in 72-75, Virgil's reply leads Dante to fear that he has been rebuked. The reader has no more insight into this matter than does the Pilgrim. Virgil's rebuke, if that's what it is, emphasizes the strangeness of the ground upon which we stand. H This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER 5 Canto IV Limbo: The Strife of the Pity and Dante's Bibliography The transition from Canto Ill is made when Dante suddenly awakes from his swoon.

Dante's water passage leads him to a desert testing which is as partial for him personally as the wilderness wandering was for the Hebrew people collectively. In both cases, what is lacking is the saving grace of Christ. Dante's intent is to show that his partial movement towards philosophy, while not evil, is not an unqualified good either and needs to be fulfilled by the addition of grace. Likewise, his personal failure and his later salvation become part of the experience of all men and are available as an objective lesson as soon as we read the poem and understand it in the same way the escape of the Hebrews contained a lesson which was generalized to all men through Christ.

Many in the church were suspicious of these since they immediately posed a challenge to orthodox thought. St. Thomas's success in his monumental defense of Aristotle in the Summa Theologica is the intellectual engine which drives the High Middle Ages when the great cathedrals were built and Dante's great poem written. In the Physics, Aristotle has it that all matter in the universe consists of four elements: earth, water, air and fire and that each of these elements had its own proper place in the cosmos.

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