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By O. Köhler

No. forty five in a chain of presidency courses titled "Ethnological Publications." This factor discusses Grootfontein district: historical past, mines, hard work, SWANLA, demographics, city parts, ethnicity, and different facts.

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Although they retained core beliefs and practices, religious communities in the West softened the edges of their sectarian boundaries and placed more emphasis on their contributions to the social and economic development of their communities. This adaptation was best modeled, perhaps unconsciously, by the most prestigious and longserving minister in Sacramento’s first generation, Congregationalist Joseph Augustine Benton (1818–1892). negotiating t h e rol e of re l i g i on in “secul ar” s ac r a m e n to Even in the heat of the Gold Rush, Sacramento was not a totally secular city.

In those cities, religious institutions attained a high level of prestige and influence in urban affairs by their sheer size and resources. In Sacramento, religion was clearly secondary to other more defined urban goals, such as moneymaking and city survival. How, then, did religious institutions find their footing in western cities such as Sacramento that seemed to make a virtue of religious indifference? Naturally, as they did everywhere, religious institutions adapted themselves to their milieu.

60 However, most second- and even some firstgeneration Irish Sacramentans cherished their Irish heritage and were also, for the most part, devout Catholics. A good number of Irish Sacramentans entered public life as city councilmen, sheriffs, supervisors, city managers, and superintendents of schools. William F. 61 Gormley was born in 1862 in Irvinestown, County Fermanagh. Gormley’s father, Thomas, a millwright and pattern maker, migrated to California’s El Dorado County in 1871. The Gormley family reunited in 1872, and two years later they moved to Sacramento, where Thomas found steady work with the Central Pacific Railroad.

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