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By Martha Taylor Sarno

With chapters containing as much as 50 percentage new insurance, this ebook presents a radical replace of the newest examine and improvement within the zone of received aphasia. assurance comprises the indications of aphasia, evaluate, neuropsychology, the categorical linguistic deficits linked to aphasia, comparable problems, restoration, and rehabilitation. This finished compilation, written through one of the most an expert staff within the box, offers an authoritative textual content and reference for graduate scholars, clinicians, and researchers.

  • Chapters comprise as much as 50 percentage new coverage
  • Provides replace of contemporary examine within the field
  • Includes writings via the main a professional staff within the field
  • Comprehensive, exhaustive reference tool

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The capacity for propositional speech is an intellectual, not a narrowly linguistic, ability, and consequently the aphasic patient of necessity "will be lame in his thinking" since "speech is a PART of thought" (Jackson, 1874). There was resistance to the basic assumption, associated with the localization models of the diagram makers, that a limited cortical region, such as Broca's area or Wernicke's area, was the repository of memory-images of speech movements or word sounds. It seemed incomprehensible to some students of brain function that the nervous elements comprising these cortical centers could be endowed with such extraordinary functional properties (Benton, 1977).

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