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Accurate Review patient ✟ prescribe oxygen on drug chart if indicated, consider ABGs. If Temp >38 Blood cultures Other cultures Start antibiotic therapy if indicated. If Systolic BP<100 Review monitoring (cardiac / oximetry / urine output / invasive BP etc). IV Access Review patient / drug kardex. Consider: IV Fluid ✟ Consider: Hypovolaemia Cardiac Obstructive Distributive Dehydration Blood loss PE Tamponade Sepsis Anaphylaxis Arrhythmia Pump failure Review monitoring (cardiac monitor indicated) If Pulse >130 IV Access Review patient / ECG / electrolytes ✟ If responds to pain only or unresponsive Assess airway, BM, GCS, consider neuro observation chart, review patient / kardex.

G. Diabetes, Endocrine, Haematology, Neurosciences, Oncology, Orthopaedics, PAEP, Renal, Surgery), to other Consultants, and to Medical Officers of Nursing Homes. • Sign your summaries (and other letters) promptly. You should NOT: • Leave your summaries until a weekend on ‑ this is unfair to the patient and secretary, and renders it much less effective as a means of communicating. g. chest pain if a more precise diagnosis is available. • Give all clinical details and normal results ‑ be selective.

Adult medical emergencies handbook | NHS LOTHIAN: UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS DIVISION | 2009/11 55 SHOCK Definition & Classification • Shock is an acute metabolic emergency where compromised oxygen transport leads to cellular oxygen utilisation which is insufficient to sustain normal aerobic metabolism. • The aim of therapy in shock is to optimise tissue oxygen delivery in relation to oxygen requirements, whilst making a specific diagnosis and treating the underlying problem. • Shock may result from inadequate oxygen delivery to the tissues (hypovolaemia, anaemia, low cardiac output), maldistribution of blood flow (sepsis, anaphylaxis) or the inability of the cells to utilise oxygen (sepsis).

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