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By Alfred W. Lawson

Первый том авиационной энциклопедии, издававшейся с марта 1910 г.

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French Go for the No. III. Zodiac (of works), 750 m. 3. goo m. 3, 1,200 m. 3, with speed varying from 14-24 miles per hour. " Semi-rigid type," Le Jaune. 500 m. 3. Military training airship. Liberte, for the War Office. " In preparation ": Spiess dirigible, Malecot dirigible, mixed balloon-aeroplane system. S00 m. 3, speed 26 miles an hour. — " No. , Aero Club. 1 Pa '. '^P'^' JM°- War les per hour. Parseval type, ijes per hour. 1 No. War type, given). Imperial Clouth, 1,720 m. u 4,000 m. 3, speed 2S-30 Offi,__.

Of New York, the junior Aero Club of New York. Columbia manv individuals. and Harvard Universities Reginald W'eatberby, of Spanway Lake, eleven miles from Tacoma, has achieved a triumph of After three years of experimenting, aviation. which gives him high rank as an aeronaut, he has completed and successfully tried out his aluminum feature of the Weatherby machine is a substitution of a system of undulating planes for the ordinary revolving propeller. by means of which the inventor has demonstrated a' speed of 120 miles an hour without vibration or jar, if the newspaper reports are to be believed.

In this aerial torrent, and apparently indifferent to it, the bird hung, gliding, in the usual manner of its species, round and round, in a small oval curve, whose major axis (which seemed toward the wind) was not longer than twice its height from the water. The bird was therefore at all times in close view. It swung around repeatedly, rising and falling slightly in its course, while keeping as a whole on one level, and over the same place, moving with a slight swaying, both in front and lateral direction, but in such an effortlessway, as suggested a lazy yielding of itself to the rocking of some invisible wave.

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