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By Sarawut Rimdusit, Chanchira Jubsilp, Sunan Tiptipakorn

This e-book presents an creation to the original and interesting houses of alloys and composites from novel commercialized thermosetting resins in keeping with polybenzoxazines. Their extraordinary homes resembling processability, thermal, mechanical, electric homes in addition to ballistic effect houses of polybenzoxazine alloys and composites lead them to beautiful for varied purposes in digital packaging encapsulation, gentle weight ballistic armour composites and bipolar plate in gas cells.

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58 ppm (a). 24 ppm (c), respectively. 83 ppm (d) exhibits aromatic proton. 6 ppm suggested that the obtained monomers exhibited negligible quantity of methylene proton of either opening ring dimers or oligomers [24, 25].

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