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By Shaul Magid

How do American Jews establish as either Jewish and American? American Post-Judaism argues that Zionism and the Holocaust, anchors of up to date American Jewish identification, will now not be facilities of identification formation for destiny generations of yank Jews. Shaul Magid articulates a brand new, post-ethnic American Jewishness. He discusses pragmatism and spirituality, monotheism and post-monotheism, Jesus, Jewish legislation, sainthood and self-realization, and the which means of the Holocaust if you have by no means recognized survivors. Magid provides Jewish Renewal as a circulation that takes this radical cultural transition heavily in its strivings for a brand new period in Jewish notion and practice.

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One sometimes has to leave those worlds to gain a deeper intellectual understanding of how those worlds work and why they didn’t work for them. For people like me, academia is a form of self-­exile.  . ” And so, in light of, and in spite of, my enduring commitment to the academy I turned my attention to what Said coined as one’s “own genealogy” as a way to avert the “bad faith” he claimed accompanied the illusion of objectivity. ” But for me it is also a time to reassess what Jews in America have accomplished in the past fifty years and the role I have played as a participant in that ongoing project.

Disassimilation among ethnic groups that have already lost a sense of “pure” eth­­nicity due to intermarriage and assimilation will generate new ethnicities and not erase eth­­nicity as a category of social identification. This type of assimilation is quite different from the “structural pluralism” Milton Gordon described in 1964. The acculturation process, thus, has drastically modified Ameri­can Jewish life in the adaptation to Ameri­can middle-­class values, while it has not by any means “dissolved” the group in a structural sense.

32 This idea is not new; it has its roots in the early twentieth-­century critiques of the melting-­pot theory by Horace Kallen and Randolph Bourne. ” Kallen believed that the very foundation of democracy is to promote and cultivate in­di­vidual and collective self-­realization that would necessitate cultural difference. 33 Old-­style cultural pluralism is perhaps most succinctly described by Milton Gordon. ”34 Kallen’s cultural pluralism summarized by Gordon was a response to a proposal of legislating the melting pot through, among other things, forced miscegenation.

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