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By Arndt von Hippel

Regardless of a hundred and fifty years of religion-based attacks upon the sciences that maintain our technological civilization, the explanatory and predictive powers of recent Evolution thought became key to cutting edge advances in agriculture, biology, chemistry, laptop technology, ecology, geology, infectious ailments, paleontology, psychology, and lots of different fields. So the query certainly arises- may well Evolution conception open the best way for a rational research of creationist claims to absolute fact, normal legislation and divine assistance? strangely adequate, the answer's "Yes!"

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Nevertheless, it is best to discard your outdated gods unobtrusively, for true believers die out slowly and some take their outmoded hypotheses seriously enough to kill for them. At the moment, the historical credibility of our three great monotheistic religions rests upon the Hebrew Bible. Unhappily, the high price of their codependency, namely, widespread religious warfare between - and unending fratricidal discord within - each of these “fractious by design” belief systems, has not diminished over the centuries.

An American Astronomy Society news release) ********* “Kansas set to banish Darwin from the curriculum. EVOLUTION may be (indeed, it was) wiped off the school curriculum in Kansas today in the latest attempt by American "creationists" to promote science based on a literal reading of the Bible. After weeks of skirmishing between advocates of secular and faith-based science, the Kansas school board will vote on whether Charles Darwin should be ejected from the science syllabus in high schools.

So we can easily rule that out. On the other hand, what if private prayers all had equal weight - and many, most or even all were granted. Such a world might initially seem unchanged since it could only respond statistically to the preponderance of prayers on every subject. But before long we would correctly begin to blame each other for things that went wrong, or attack those who probably wished bad luck upon us, or redouble our own prayers for evil to befall others before they did us in. ]” on page 97.

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