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Hence angle AOD =60° /2 =30° and OD is VRN cos 30° in length. s. s. voltage between any pair of lines. 26a it is clear that for a balanced load (equal loads in each phase), points Nand N' are at the same potential hence a neutral wire connecting the generator and load star po ints would carry no current. In practice this connection is usually included because of the difficulty of ensuring exact equality in the three loads. s. 3 Delta Connection .. 26b the sum of the three phase voltages VRN , VY N and VBN is clearly zero.

The two most common examples are the RLC series and RLC parallel circuits. C. 15 Series resonance and ep = arctan XL - Xc ---- R Consider the situation when the circuit is supplied at a frequency fo such that XL Xc . The vertical phasors being of equal length cancel exactly leaving V = fR. 15b that is, in phase and therefore the circuit is at resonance. J (R 2 ) =R at resonance. l5c. J (LC) while the circuit's impedance at this resonant frequency is ZD = R and is called the dynamic impedance. 2 showed that under certain circumstances the capacitor and inductor voltages for such a circuit could exceed the supply voltage.

C. 264 x 103 21T = 201 Hz which illustrates the large changes that can occur in resonant frequency when a circuit is heavily damped . c. networks let us consider a few simplifying theorems. 1 Thevenin's Theorem Any two-terminal network may be replaced by a voltage generator equal to the open -circuit output voltage in series with an impedance equal to the input impedance of the network when all voltage and current sources have been replaced by their internal impedances. 18b . 18a. 18c) . 18d. 18b where VTh = 10 V and ZTh = 5 n resistive.

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