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This ebook is a pragmatic handbook for helping at surgical operations. uncomplicated language and diagrams describe either the elemental rules of surgical aiding, and complicated thoughts wanted within the surgical subspecialities. it is going to aid clinical scholars, junior medical professionals and surgical technologists excel at supporting at any surgical operation.

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Where is it? What symptoms has the patient had? What examination findings? What complications? What investigations? What other medical problems are there? In particular, are there any medical problems that may have an important effect on the surgery? For example, is the patient on warfarin? In an ideal world, you would read the case-notes as well as taking a thorough history and examining the patient yourself. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is often far from ideal, so you will often not have time to do this fully.

2 Wear a waterproof gown instead of a standard cloth gown. These are usually made of a paper-like material. Their advantage is that they protect your arms as well as your torso, but with the possible disadvantage that they are slightly warmer to wear, and sometimes uncomfortably so. ■ Scrubbing This is the word that is used to describe the systematic hand-washing done immediately prior to an operation. Skin cannot be sterilised without destroying it. , 2004). There is no universal agreement as to which method of pre-operative hand-washing is the best.

This practice makes it much more difficult for the scrub nurse to keep track of the instruments, and most scrub nurses justifiably consider it an insult. Instead, ask for the instruments you want. You are being treated to table service, so do not turn it into a buffet. Who’s who in the operating theatre Scrub nurses usually know the instruments extremely well, and are understandably protective of them. Consequently, they will not like it if you hoard Scout nurses (known as ‘runners’ in the United Kingdom) They are not scrubbed.

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