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By Linda Frederick Yaffe

Nutrition at the path should be as scrumptious and sundry as nutrients ready at domestic. you could create nutrients to fit your tastes or diet--vegetarian, low fats, Asian, Italian. nutrients ready and dehydrated at domestic are compact and light-weight, ideal for the backpacker, and more secure than packing perishable meals. the writer indicates the best way to arrange the nutrients in order that they will commute good and may be effortless to reconstitute in camp. the simple step by step directions aspect tips to cook dinner and dry light-weight, pleasing foodstuff at domestic after which arrange them simply in camp--truly entire, immediate food. comprises over a hundred and sixty recipes for soups, stews, pasta, casseroles, and breakfast and snack rules in addition to pointers on drying foodstuff in a dehydrator or oven.

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