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This selection of neighborhood conflict tales is dropped at you as an publication especially formatted through Andrews united kingdom for state-of-the-art eReaders. during this first publication of the 'Battle Trails' sequence, well known local author Clive Kristen turns his hand to an exam of the battles that formed Northumbria and past.

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Never was day more lamentable for the Britons, or more joyful for the Angles’. Bede was also fond of omens, particularly if they accorded with his sense of natural justice. He points to the significance of the Heavenly Field, a name bestowed long before the battle and therefore ‘ a sure omen of events to come’. To add to the import of this he records a number of miracles that occurred later. For Bede, Heavenfield was much more than ‘Popular Northern Leader Defeats Welsh Upstart’. It represented a famous victory for a Christian king against the pagan.

Surrey left his camp with the vanguard of his force and crossed the bridge at Twizel. Meanwhile the rearguard crossed at Willowford and Sandyford respectively, to the north and east of the village of Crookham. The scene was described by Sir Walter Scott in his epic poem ‘Marmion’ : ‘ From Flodden ridge The Scots behind the English host Leave Barmour Wood, their evening post And heedful watched them as they crossed The Till by Twizel Bridge. High sight it is, and haughty, while They dive into the deep defile; Beneath the caverned cliff they fall, Beneath the castle’s airy wall.

Where he received St. Cuthbert’s Banner - an important talisman to his northerners. He called the men of Durham and Northumberland to join him at Newcastle. Then with an army of 30,000 to 40,000 he advanced to Alnwick, where he was joined by his son, Thomas Howard, the Lord Admiral, who had brought an additional 5000 men by sea. Surrey advanced first to Bolton, and on to Wooler Haugh. But it was from Alnwick however that he challenged the Scots to come and do battle on the Milfield Plain. King James did not think much of the suggested venue, but agreed to the day.

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