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By Gillian Brown MSc DipCOT SROT, Susan Esdaile PhD MAPS OTR, Susan Ryan

This article examines complicated perform within the wellbeing and fitness professions and the significance of evidence-based perform, carrying on with expert improvement, utilizing thought to notify perform, being reflective, moral, and arranged, and proactively making plans a occupation as a complicated practitioner

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32 Becoming an advanced healthcare practitioner • Erika is a pharmacist. She has been working for a year. Already she can see that a graduate degree would be an asset, but she is unsure about which area to select. You will find short career profiles for each of these fictitious practitioners at the end of this chapter. Summaries of reflections on their career development illustrate how they perceived their journey to this point. This resource material will be useful when you complete a series of exercises related to the concepts elaborated in this chapter.

What we do know is that critical thinking is a higher-order intellectual capability required of health and social care professionals who make judgments about client care. So what is the difference between a thinker and a critical thinker? We believe thinkers know and understand the relevance of particular facts and can generalize those facts to other situations. But critical thinkers can take this to a higher level by recognizing connections between the components that make up the whole, bringing these together in different ways for the various circumstances they encounter and using the information gained through this process to make better judgments about practice (Bloom 1956).

Knowing more about your own personality style and that of others not only helps you to understand more about your own preferences, but also enables you to have better insights about other people's way of working. Personality style and preferences play a part in the types of roles you may seek and your career preferences. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicatorf (MBTI) was developed to test Jung's ideas (Myers and McCaulley 1985). Jung described four basic mental functions or processes used by all individuals.

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