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By Alex Archer, Joe Nassise

A wrecked German bomber...key to the secrets and techniques of the 3rd Reich?

All it took used to be one mobile name and television exhibit host and archaeologist Annja Creed is in mortal chance. Her manufacturer Doug Morrell has been kidnapped by means of a grasping treasure hunter who's looking the misplaced raubgold, or looted gold of Nazi Germany. The phrases are easy: retrieve the bounty and Doug lives. Fail, and he dies...

Now Annja and her neighbors needs to discover a lacking German fighter aircraft that used to be shot down over the Alps in 1945. in keeping with legend, the airplane not just holds a cargo of gold the Nazis had stolen, but additionally carried the final letters of the führer himself. Letters that time to a extra startling treasure buried underwater midway worldwide. yet Annja isn't drawn to treasure, or maybe unearthing ancient relics. Annja has one schedule: get Doug out alive...even if it ability drawing her sword from its otherworldly sheath. whether it skill dying.

Because as soon as greed drives a guy to violence, not anything will cease him...

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