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By Nab Saheb, Denys X Arbaris

Nab Saheb & Denys X. Arbaris. Bergmetal: Oro-Emblems of the Musical past. ISBN-13: 978-1494907204 ISBN-10: 1494907208. HWORDE, 2014. 116 pages.

Bergmetal is a collaborative exploratory tract at the trisonic intersections of MOUNTAINS, MYSTICISM, and HEAVY steel. blending theoretical mirrored image and studious redaction into ascending gestures of alpine musical idea, the ebook proceeds through seven poetic trademarks plus remark addressing works through Bathory, Darkthrone, Sleep, Aluk Todolo, Omega Massif, Schrei aus Stein, and Sapthuran. commencing essays through the authors at the beliefs and historical past of the bergmetal style offer a logistical place to begin and contextual basecamp.

“A informal email…a voidal exposure…! during this narrow quantity, steel, lyrics, and philosophy mix – “with spirit deathless, unending, countless” – to release a ferocious attack at the imagination!” – Manabrata Guha, Prize Fellow, Univ. of Bath

“A unusual creature i'm now, burnt by means of the solar and but frozen, clung onto my will to take simply one other step” — Stormcrow

“Metal! Mysticism! Mountains! Whoever loves one could be drawn to this publication. Whoever loves will love it. Whoever loves all 3 can be in paradise.” – Nicola Masciandaro

“An ascent into the desolate tract of alpine aesthetics and heavy metallurgies, with poetry, mysticism, and esoteric philosophy illuminating the peaks and abysses of chic human adventure along the detached expanse of geological time.” — RH, Schrei aus Stein

“It’s approximately time an individual released a significant piece of heavy steel observation, and Bergmetal is it.” — Alex Sutcliffe, Lurkerspath

“Ihre Musik, die Texte, das art, das Konzept, führen den Kommentator auf eine sowohl kulturelle wie auch geologische interpretation der Bergwelt. Harter Stoff, aber dafür umso faszinierender!” — Dominik Irtenkauf, Legacy journal

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Behold there is a place by me where you shall stand upon the rock” (Exodus 33:20). The place where you grow silent and finally stop asking, but how does this help me? It does not. “Only that person who says: My soul chooses hanging, and my bones death can truly embrace this fire . . Let us die then, and enter into this darkness. Let us silence all our care, desires, and imaginings” (Bonaventure, Journey of the Mind into God). Only being undone in the black victory of totally disorienting death, only ascending the “skeleton throne” will one “Reign .

This mystical wisdom occasionally so engulfs souls in its secret abyss that they have the keen awareness of being brought into a place far removed from every creature. They accordingly feel that they have been led into a remarkably deep and vast wilderness unattainable by any human creature, into an immense unbounded desert, the more delightful, savorous, and 13 II. NO WAY loving, the deeper, vaster, and more solitary it is” (John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul). The way to mountain is necessarily by means of being lost, abandoned, derelict—not just a a categorical fact but the terribly actual ontological intensity of seriously not knowing or feeling how or where one stands, of being lost.

Sleeping man and sleeping God are literally the same: “This sound sleep state of man is literally the same 32 BERGMETAL original divine sound sleep state of God. God in the God-Is state is eternally in the original divine sound sleep state, whereas God in the human state daily experiences alternately the sound sleep state and the awake state” (MB, God Speaks). “I sleep, but my heart is awake” (Song of Songs 5:2). ALPINE MONOLITH EMITS , DRONING PRIMAL LACK / O F FIRST SILENCE , CALLING WITH QUANTUM OM: Like a thundering vibrating facture of the original word (OM), doom-drone metal (⦶M) takes place within the massing and amounting of deep geo-cosmic sound into primal negative silences that point back to the infinitely deafening orders of Silence which simply and superessentially ARE before the beginning and after the end of all things, earlier than the original noise of the ‘big bang’ and older than the perfect quiet after the cosmic death.

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