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Severe learn of the Holocaust all started overdue in Israel, rising steadily within the latter a part of the Nineteen Sixties. This publication examines the hyperlink among background and reminiscence in shaping Israel’s historiography of the Holocaust interval within the 20 years instantly following the Holocaust (1945–1961). in the course of that point, 3 teams developed in Israel because of the rapid catastrophic earlier: the pro historians in Eretz Yisrael, the Jewish ghetto warring parties and partisans, and the "ordinary" survivors. those teams have been formed by means of assorted reviews and conceptions, and even though those teams differed substantially, their interplay inside of Israel contributed to shaping and build Israel’s attention of the Holocaust.

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41 Since this, however, could no longer be achieved on European soil, Gringauz hoped that Zionism would go beyond the necessary return of the Jewish people to its homeland and would also involve a commitment to universal ideals. qxd 5/16/2003 26 ( 9:29 AM Page 26 B E T W E E N M E M O RY A N D H I S TO RY the fourteenth of Iyar, was rejected by Zionist organizations in Palestine and abroad. 43 The survivors’ emphasis on the universal celebration of victory over the Nazis had no bearing on the particular Zionist emphasis on the struggle and resilience of the Jewish fighters, perceived to be the carriers of the Zionist ethos.

Qxd 5/16/2003 10 ( 9:29 AM Page 10 B E T W E E N M E M O RY A N D H I S TO RY decades. 31 In a letter to his family, one soldier described his first impression of the Jewish survivors in the camps as unscrupulous and unwilling to work. “Although there are some honest men among them,” he added, “most Jews here live off of the German black market. ”32 Haim Yahil (Hoffman), the head of the Jewish Agency delegation in Germany, had a similar impression. The survivors have no desire to engage in any kind of work.

According to tradition, every catastrophe is understood as a link in a chain that leads back to the first major catastrophe, the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans and the exile of the Israelites from their land. Even this catastrophe is connected in turn with the destruction of the First Temple by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian captivity. 9 The secular Zionists’ interpretation too sought to explain the extermination of European Jewry by means of a general historical interpretive pattern, that of modern antisemitism, which brought about a series of ever more severe persecutions.

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