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By Horace G. Cutler (Eds.)

content material: common items and their strength in agriculture : a private assessment / Horace G. Cutler --
Tentoxin : a cyclic tetrapeptide having power herbicidal utilization / Alan R. Lax and Hurley S. Shepherd --
ways to structure-function relationships for certainly taking place cyclic peptides : a research of tentoxin / Judson V. Edwards, Oliver D. Dailey, Jr., John M. Bland, and Horace G. Cutler --
pollution of phytopathogenic microorganisms : structural variety and physiological job / S. Sakamura, A. Ichihara, and T. Yoshihara --
creation of herbicidal and insecticidal metabolites via soil microorganisms / R.M. Heisey, S.K. Mishra, A.R. Putnam, J.R. Miller, C.J. Whitenack, J.E. Keller, and J. Huang --
different yet particular organic actions of 4 ordinary items from 3 fungi / Horace G. Cutler, Eberhard Ammermann, and James P. Springer --
Avermectins : organic and pesticidal actions / J.R. Babu --
Fungal elicitors of phytoalexins and their strength use in agriculture / Jack D. Paxton --
Endophytic micro organism for the supply of agrochemicals to vegetation / Jed W. Fahey --
Phenol glycosides in plant protection opposed to herbivores / Paul B. Reichardt, Thomas P. Clausen, and John P. Bryant --
Biosynthetic courting between cyanogenic glycosides, glucosinolates, and nitro compounds / Eric E. Conn --
organic results of glucosinolates / F.S. bite --
obviously happening carbon-phosphorus compounds as herbicides / Robert E. Hoagland --
Phytochemical inhibitors of velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) germination as types for brand spanking new biorational herbicides / Richard G. Powell and Gayland F. Spencer --
Allelopathy within the Florida scrub group as a version for normal herbicide activities / Nikolaus H. Fischer, Nesrin Tanrisever, and G. Bruce Williamson --
Terpenoids as versions for brand new agrochemicals / Stella D. Elakovich --
Chemical and anatomical reaction in Gossypium spp. challenged by means of Verticillium dahliae / Robert D. Stipanovic, Marshall E. Mace, David W. Altman, and Alois A. Bell --
Mitotic disrupters from greater crops : results on plant cells / Kevin C. Vaughn and Martin A. Vaughan --
Camptothecin and different plant progress regulators in greater vegetation with antitumor task / J. George Buta and Andrzej Kalinski --
traditional items within the look for new agrochemicals / John H. Cardellina, II --
Terpenoids from the genus Artemisia as capability insecticides / Stephen O. Duke, Rex N. Paul, Jr., and S. Mark Lee --
Chemistry and organic task of acylnornicotines from Nicotiana repandae / R.F. Severson, R.F. Arrendale, Horace G. Cutler, D. Jones, V.A. Sisson, and M.G. Stephenson --
Allelochemical houses of Nicotiana tabacum leaf floor compounds / D.R. Lawson, D.A. Danehower, D.G. Shilling, M.L. Menetrez, and H.W. Spurr, Jr. --
Plant materials as oviposition deterrents to lepidopterous bugs / J.A.A. Renwick --
Plant usual items as parasitoid cuing brokers / Douglas W. Whitman --
Iridoid glycosides and aglycones as chiral synthons, bioactive compounds, and lepidopteran defenses / Frank R. Stermitz --
Glycosides : the interface among plant secondary and bug basic metabolism / Kevin C. Spencer --
Chemistry and organic task of pentatomoid intercourse pheromones / Jeffrey R. Aldrich --
Dithiopolyacetylenes as capability insecticides / Eloy Rodriguez --
Biocidal and deterrent actions of nitrogen heterocycles produced through venomous myrmicine ants / Murray S. Blum --
retaining vegetation and natural world with chitin and chitosan / M.L. Bade and R.L. Wick.

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T e n t o x i n i t s e l f a l s o c o n t a i n s an N - m e t h y l a l a n i n e m o i e t y . However, t h e second N-methyl group has l i t t l e or no e f f e c t on b i o l o g i c a l acti v i t y . The c o n v e r s i o n of the a l a n i n e r e s i d u e of 10 t o i t s gem-diamino d e r i v a t i v e was e f f e c t e d by treatment of 10 w i t h l i q u i d ammonia i n methanol with s e l e c t i v e f o r m a t i o n of t h e amide 11 i n 93% y i e l d . Treatment of 11 w i t h [ b i s ( t r i f 1 u o r o a c e t o x y ) i o d o ] benzene (TIB) i n 75% a c e t o n i t r i l e / w a t e r (36,32,32,33) a f f o r d e d t h e amine s a l t 12 i n 43% y i e l d f o l l o w i n g work-up.

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E x a m p l e s o f t h e s e h o s t s p e c i f i c t o x i n s a r e AM a n d AK t o x i n s p r o d u c e d by A l t e r n a r i a c a u s i n g d i s e a s e symptoms o n a p p l e a n d p e a r , r e s p e c t i v e l y , a n d HC a n d HMT t o x i n s p r o d u c e d b y H e l m i n t h o s p o r i u m s p p . c a u s i n g symptoms o n s u s c e p t i b l e m a i z e v a r i e t i e s ( 4 , 5 ) . These t o x i n s among many o t h e r s a r e known p r i m a r i l y b e c a u s e o f t h e i r association with disease-causing organisms of commercially v a l u a b l e crop s p e c i e s , w i t h few exceptions ( 6 ) .

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