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By Abrol Fairweather, Jesse R. Steinberg

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The philosophy of the blues
From B.B. King to Billie vacation, Blues song not just sounds solid, yet has a nearly common charm in its mirrored image of the rigors and tribulations of way of life. Its skill to powerfully contact on a variety of social and emotional matters is philosophically inspiring, and right here, a various variety of thinkers and musicians provide illuminating essays that make very important connections among the human situation and the Blues that may entice tune fans and philosophers alike.

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King lecture was not really part-and-parcel of my doctoral curriculum. To be sure, composers such as Ravel and Gershwin were influenced by the popular music of their time. Moreover, composers today find themselves delineated into countless hyphenated niches – avant-garde, neo-classical, post-modern. In the university system, though, composition students generally analyze more Beethoven than blues. An education in music composition, in the strictly classical sense, equips the student with the tools of the Western canon, and generally emphasizes an understanding of where one’s budding voice fits in Blues – Philosophy for Everyone: Thinking Deep About Feeling Low, First Edition.

Sufficient conditions are conditions that, once they are met, serve to make something a thing of a particular kind. For example, a sufficient condition for traveling at a speed greater than one hundred miles per hour is driving a properly functioning Indy race car at or near top speed. This is sufficient because it will do the trick, but one needn’t drive an Indy race car in order to go over one hundred miles per hour; one can ride in an airplane, on a high speed train, and so on. Each of these is a sufficient condition for traveling at a speed greater than one hundred miles per hour.

In addition to picking out the referent(s) of a term, it serves to explicate what makes something the kind of thing that it is; that is, it identifies the essential or defining characteristics of a thing. One could give an ostensive definition of the blues by pointing (literally or figuratively) to a paradigmatic instance or two of the blues. ’ Ostensive definitions, while useful in a number of instances (usually when one already has a certain concept), don’t tell exactly what we want to know in this case: what is it that makes a blues song a blues song.

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