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By Alex Revell

This e-book lines the wrestle historical past of British fighter devices. significant airplane varieties are all coated, and their missions specific. airplane markings and aircrew uniforms are proven in complete color illustrations.

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Here he met for the first time another journalist inspired by ancient Greece, H. N. Brailsford. He had joined the Philhellenic Legion. Despite similar outlooks, Brailsford was painfully aware of the physical contrast between them: My ill-fitting uniform was ragged and dirty and I was limping on a wounded foot. The man I met made on me, at first glance, an impression of physical perfection. He was tall and wellproportioned . . 75 They spent an evening together, Brailsford discovering that Henry not only looked like a soldier and athlete but was also a scholar and poet.

He was treated by an English doctor and cared for by Sigalas before sailing home from one of the century’s last wars and his first conflict. 81 His telegrams and letters took some time to reach the paper, not least because the Greek censors in Patras were not over-keen to send the depressing news. Henry complained that it was a far cry from the freedom enjoyed by the pioneer war correspondents. 82 In fact most of his material eventually reached home though was not always printed in the intended order.

On the day the siege began Henry’s diary records guns opening on the town from all four points of the compass. 21 At first the greatest hardship was the lack of mail from home and problems in sending out copy. Wire and rail links had been cut. Native runners could be used but cost lives and cash, as they had to break through Boer lines. The courier conveying Henry’s longest message, about the fighting at Wagon Hill on 6 January, was killed. Months later the Boer who shot him returned this message to Henry.

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