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By Colin A. McKinnon, Niall Scott, Kristen Sollee

В ноябре 2010 г. в Праге состоялось междисциплинарное научное мероприятие под названием "3rd worldwide convention: am i able to Play with insanity? steel, Dissonance, insanity and Alienation", по итогам которого был опубликован сборник. Книга содержит 19 статей различных авторов, в основном психологов и психиатров, рассматривающих разнообразные аспекты метал-культуры с целью выяснить степень влияния увлечённости тяжёлой музыкой на психическое здоровье и благополучие человека. Затронуты как наиболее популярные в наши дни жанры тяжёлой музыки: black steel, demise steel, commercial steel, так и классические heavy steel и даже glam.

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The song evokes the time when Cobain was living with the born-again Christian parents of one of his friends after the collapse of his relationship with his parents following their divorce and formation of new family units in which Cobain felt he did not belong. Nirvana biographer, Michael Azerrad claimed the song was an allusion to Karl Marx’s concept of religion as the opium of the masses. In a 1992 interview, Cobain said, ‘I did infuse some of my personal experiences, like breaking up with girlfriends and having bad relationships, feeling that death void that the person in the song is feeling - very lonely, sick’.

This view is based on false premises. 1 The most obvious place to find a musical feature in lyrics (or poetry) is rhythm. Certain sentences cannot be sung in certain rhythms, because the combination of words in those cases will not keep to the rhythm of the music. 2 2. Expressive Content in Music One of the big issues within philosophy of music is the question of musical meaning. How can music ‘mean’ anything? More specifically, how can music express emotions? 3 The reason why people associate specific musical works with certain emotions (or other kinds of meaningful content) cannot be due to anything in the music, as such.

Sounds at high volumes are part of what can be categorized as noise, partly because it will be ‘demanding’ the attention of the listener. In short, it will be a type of disturbance. Here one association seems rather clear. When we think of noise, as it relates to human behaviour, one thing we will not associate it with is being calm. When people behave in a fashion that is noisy, they are normally very happy, mad etc. Aggression will normally be perceived as active, and rarely (if ever) as a passive emotion.

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