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Rockefeller gave to the University of Chicago, the Sterling bequest to Yale for $15 million in 1918, and Henry C. 18 Using the United States Department of Labor’s inflation adjustment calculator, a cautious estimate is that a gift made in 1913 has increased approximately 24-fold. By this standard, the previously mentioned gifts would be worth as follows in 2013 in dollars: Stanford University $480 million, Johns Hopkins University $84 million, Rockefeller’s bequest to the University of Chicago would be worth $832 million, the Sterling gift to Yale was the equivalent of $360 million, and the Frick bequest to Princeton has an equivalent value today of about $360 million.

Contrary to the stereotype of colleges and universities as slow to change, these various units undertook no less than a “managerial revolution” to put the academic house in order. Furthermore, at many colleges and universities, presidents, boards, and administrative leaders accepted the challenge to implement an entrepreneurial evolution characterized by proactive decisions based on systematic data analysis. ”38 Over the next quarter century state universities, including the prestigious flagship institutions, tended to lag behind their independent counter parts.

From the perspective of public policy, philanthropy in the United States is the sum of all gifts with monetary value made annually to those organizations qualifying under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to receive tax-deductible contributions. Whether or not those gifts are actually deducted from the income tax returns of the donors who made them is immaterial. The nonprofit organizations that are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions are exempt from federal income taxes, and in many localities, they also are exempt from property taxes.

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