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By Bertolt Brecht

The play is a parable encouraged by means of the chinese language play Chalk Circle. Written on the shut of global battle II, the tale is determined within the Caucasus mountains of Georgia, and retells the story of King Solomon and a baby claimed by means of moms. A chalk circle is metaphorically drawn round a society misdirected in its priorities. Brecht's statements approximately classification are cloaked within the innocence of a delusion that whispers insistently to the viewers.

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GRUSHA : He's waking up. GROOM : B ette r put him down , I tell you . I'd rather not think what'd h appen to anybody who was found with that baby. 44 I Bertolt Brecht That's right. Once they get started , they'll kill each other off, whole families at a time. Let's go. l E :-1" . TWO WD:\I E N : Didn't you hear? Better put him down. GRUSHA : The nurse asked me to hold him a moment. OLDER WOMAN : She's not coming back, you simpleton. YO U N G E R WOMAN : Keep your hands off it. WOMAN ( amiably ) : Gmsha, you're a good soul , but you're not very bright, and you know it.

The WOMAN puts and goes off. ) Just look how these things have been packe d ! No love ! No understanding ! If you don't give them every order yourself . . At such moments you realize what kind of servants you have ! They gorge themselves at your expense, and never a word of gratitude ! I 'll remember this. ADJUTANT (entering, very excited) : Natella, you must leave at once ! ' GOVERNOR s WIFE : Why? I've got to take this silver dress­ it cost a thousand piasters. And that one there, and where 's the wine -colored one?

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