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By Rebecca S. Watson

This monograph provides a problem to the view that the Hebrew Bible comprises allusions to Yahweh’s conflict with chaos, exhibiting how the time period has been inappropriately utilized in various contexts the place way more assorted spheres of images may still as an alternative be known. throughout the building of a cautious diachronic version (developed with specific connection with the Psalter), the writer provides a persuasive case for reversing universal assumptions in regards to the improvement of Israelite faith, discovering as a substitute that the strive against motif was once absent within the earliest interval, while the slaying of a dragon used to be attributed to Yahweh basically in a particular monotheistic edition, which arose from round 587 B.C.

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A little has already been said about the limitations of the diachronic enterprise with respect to certain conceptual spheres and genres. Nevertheless, this type of analysis may profitably be attempted, with greater or lesser degrees of benefit and accuracy, with much of the material. Although psalms which may be dated with confidence to a specific period are veiy much the exception (Ps. 137 being perhaps the best example),41 nevertheless, evidence may be gleaned in a variety of ways. Whilst no single factor may be decisive, often a cumulative case may be made with relative certainty.

15) as to indicate the nature of the psalmist's adversary, who is so easily suppressed (2 Sam. 22). He concludes that the imagery is always adapted in the service of demonstrating Yahweh's absolute kingship and awesome power, and of affirming his control of historical events for the benefit of his people. However, it is never employed in relation to creation. As a result, he suggests Chaoskampf themes held little power as a religious reality, but existed as a rich source of poetic imagery. Day objects that McCarthy could have included for consideration other early texts, such as Ps.

With the Extant Works of Victorinus and Commodianus (Ante-Nicene Christian Library, V o l . XVIII; Edinburgh: Τ . & T . Clark, 1870), p. , pp. xviii-xix). 14 J. Pelikan, Luther's Works, Volume 1. Lectures on Genesis Chapters 1-5 (Saint Louis, M O : Concordia, 1958), p. 6. J. Calvin, Commentaries on the First Book of Moses Called Genesis, I (Edinburgh: Calvin Translation Society, 1847), pp. 69-70; so also p. 74. C a l v i n ' s original edition was published in 1554. 15 16 17 18 19 Die Genesis ausgelegt, pp.

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