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I am frequently requested the query, "Should i am getting my PE license or not?" regrettably the answer's, most likely. First let's look at the licensing strategy and comprehend why it exists, then look at severe occasions for an test at a yes/no solution, and at last think about the tests. All 50 have a constitutionally outlined accountability to guard the general public. From an engineering viewpoint, in addition to many different professions, this accountability is met via the method of licensure and in our case the pro Engineer License. although there are diverse event requisites for various states, the which means of the license is usual. The licensee demonstrates educational competency within the basics of Engineering via exam (Principles and Practices at PE time). The licensee demonstrates qualifying paintings event (at PE time). The licensee ascribes to the Code of Ethics of the NSPE, and to the legislation of the country of registration. Having provided those features the licensee is qualified as an Intern Engineer, and the nation concerned has fulfilled its constitutionally outlined accountability to guard the public.

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A radian is the angle that is subtended by an arc on a circle which is equal to the radius of the circle. Since the circumference of a circle is 21tr, 360° = 21t radians. 3 o. Note that the distance along an arc, S, is equal to the radius r, times the included angle measured in radians (Fig. 16). 16 1-34 FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING EXAM REVIEW WORKBOOK EXAMPLE: Convert 10 rpm to radians/sec Since 1 revolution = 360°, 10 rpm is an angular velocity of 3600° /min 1t 1 1t = - rad/sec x Then 10 rpm= 3600 x 3 60 180 Trigonometric Functions Consider a rectangular coordinate system and let a radius vector of length r rotate through an angle 8 in a counterclockwise direction from the positive x-axis (Fig.

Note: x andy may be positive or negative depending on the location of the end point, but r is always positive): sine cos e tan e esc e sec e cot e tan e = y/r = x/r =y/x = 1/sin e = r/y = 1/cos e = r/x = 1/tan e = x/y = sin 8/cos e MATHEMATICS 1-35 Note that as 8 moves from quadrant to quadrant, the sign of the trig function will change because of the change in sign of x and y. The signs of the trigonometric functions in each of the quadrants is given in the following table: Quadrant- I II III IV sine + + - - cos e + - - + tan e + - + - EXAMPLE: Find the sin, cos, and tan of the angle 171t/6 radians.

Writing Eq. 3 Solving for y: y = a 1c 2 - ~c 1 a 1b2 - ~b 1 Similarly it can be shown that 1-13 1-14 FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGINEERING EXAM REVIEW WORKBOOK Solutions for x and y can be obtained by substituting directly into these formulas. " Notice that the denominators of the x andy formulas are the same and can be obtained by expanding the determinant of the x and y coefficients: The numerator for the value of x can be obtained expanding which is the determinant of coefficients with the constants substituted for the x coefficients.

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