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By John Wyndham

"Remains clean and hectic in a wholly unforeseen way." — GUARDIAN

Matthew's mom and dad are nervous. At 11, he's a lot too outdated to have an imaginary good friend, but they locate him chatting with and arguing with a presence that even he admits isn't really bodily there. This presence – Chocky – motives Matthew to invite tricky questions and say startling issues: he speaks of advanced arithmetic and mocks human progress.

Then, whilst Matthew does whatever fantastic, it sort of feels there's greater than the imaginary approximately Chocky. that is while others develop into and ask questions in their personal: who's Chocky? And what may perhaps it wish with an eleven-year-old boy?

A tale of innocence and alien touch, Chocky is a sinister story of manipulation and experimentation from afar.

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