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Force gradient In tissues, the interstitial space is separated from the circulation by the capillary membrane and from the ICF by the cell membrane. The interstitial space acts as a buffer for changes which occur in plasma volume. Regulation of the interstitial volume is governed by local factors, which include Starling’s forces, but also the adequacy of lymphatic drainage, enabling fluid, and colloid molecules to be returned to the circulation. 3a). This rate can increase up to fourfold in critical illness, causing a shift of fluid towards the interstitium.

For example, dehydration increases the cirulating concentration of nutrients. In the case of some nutrients, more a­ ccurate assessment of status can be obtained after applying correction factors that take into account the concentration of the carrier molecules. For example, the circulating calcium concentration is corrected for albumin concentration, which binds calcium, in order to establish the free calcium concentration. In the case of the fat-soluble vitamin E, which circulates 25 in association with lipoproteins, its status is typically assessed as a ratio to triacylglycerol or cholesterol concentrations.

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