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The required shape and proportions of the sealant are achieved by the correct installation of the back up material. Sealants in movement joints should not adhere to the backing material to avoid any unnecessary restraint. To ensure that the sealant and back up materials, bond breakers and joints fillers are compatible and appropriate for the proposed end use, advice from the manufacturer should be obtained as necessary. 20c). 20 – Back-up materials and bond breakers in movement joints 30 (a) Minimum joint gap widths The minimum joint gap width should be derived to accommodate the construction and manufacturing tolerances, the range of movements anticipated, the required dimensions of the sealant to accommodate those movements, and the desired appearance.

Access is usually easy for inspection and repair, and does not cause disruption to occupants. 27) Sealing for air and water penetration is affected by two different mechanisms. The main advantage of a two stage joint is that it has the potential of being more trouble free and durable, owing to the protection afforded to the jointing products. To exploit this advantage, water should be excluded by designing a joint profile that prevents it from reaching the air seal at the inner edge of the joint.

Special care must be taken with rigging arrangements where unequal insert loading has been incorporated in the panel design. It may be necessary to equalise loads between lifting points on certain precast elements, such as beams or flat slabs. Particular care should be taken to determine when this is necessary. Lifting accessories may be in the form of slings/cables, hooks or shackles. The selection of such components should take into consideration the forces due to all operations involved in the handling and erection of the precast units.

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