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The bacteria readily colonize the skin or mucosal surfaces and produce numerous virulence factors that promote their survival and subsequent dissemination. It is well recognized that S. aureus is the main species of clinical importance in the genus Staphylococcus. Staphylococcus epidermidis, a nonpathogenic member of normal cutaneous microbial microbiota can express few virulence factors under normal conditions. Staphylococcus aureus has an ability to survive in the host by forming biofilms on the surface of horny layers and indwelling medical devices.

1985). Uptake of secondary autoxidation products of linoleic acid by rat. Lipids, 20: 412-419. H. H. (2000). Purification and characterization of antioxidative peptides from enzymatic hydrolysate of cod teiset protein. Korean Fisher. , 33: 198-204. S. and Shahidi, F. (2001). Isolation and characterization of antioxidative peptides from gelatin hydrolysate of alaska pollack skin. J. Agric. , 49: 1984-1989. K. and Mendis, E. (2006). Bioactive compounds from marine processing by-products - A review.

It was reported that S. aureus bacteraemia in adults was often associated with central venous catheters, mortality was high and up to 40%, whilst both neonates and children had a lower mortality and a lower incidence of MRSA (Denniston & Riordan, 2006). , 2003). , 2008). The bacterium has a diverse arsenal of components and products that contribute to the pathogenesis of infection. These components and products have overlapping roles and can act either in concert or alone. , 2007). , 2007). The endothelial cell is central to these pathogenic processes.

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