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By A.S. Bellack, Michel Hersen

A multi-volume source on medical psychology.

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1938). 10 Sociometric Measures The ªsociogramº based on people's choices of others with whom they would like to share activities or others whom they would like to avoid was developed by psychiatrist Jacob Levy Moreno (1892±1974). Moreno introduced sociometric techniques in a rather unusual book, Who shall survive? (Moreno, 1952). 11 Assessment of Social Competence Psychologist Edgar A. Doll (1889±1969) once served as director of research at the Vineland School and maintained a lifelong interest in the problem of mental retardation.

258±262). The advent of the benzodiazepines in the 1950s and 1960s is very much a commercially motivated story. Once more, I will depend on the account given by Shorter (pp. 316±319). In 1954, the Hoffman-LaRoche company wished to develop a sedative or anxiolytic drug that would be able to compete with Miltown and Equanil. The chemist involved was Leo Sternbach, and in 1955 he synthesized Librium. Then in 1959 he came up with diazepam (Valium), which was marketed in 1963. Even though these drugs were placed on Schedule IV by the FDA because of their addictive potential, benzodiazepines accounted for about half the prescriptions written for psychiatric office patients by 1990.

Many of the therapists involved in such work are themselves former alcoholics, and the ideology of AA is strong among them. 13 Marriage and Family Therapy One pioneer in the development of family therapy was psychologist John Elderkin Bell. º Thus he began doing this in his own practice, only to discover that he had evidently been the first in the world to do so. He published a book on this topic (Bell, 1961). 38 Hippocrates Meets Democritus: A History of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology The field of marriage therapy grew up as one that was rather separate from the mainstream of either psychiatry or psychology.

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