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Enzymes, we have said, are all proteins. 4 shows the structure of one enzyme, in which the chain of amino acids that makes its basic structure folds up in a specific way, forming an active site. In this site, certain amino acid residues hold their side chains in just the right position to interact with the atoms of the substrate and effect the right chemical reaction. The enzyme and substrate have been compared to a lock and key that fit together perfectly, but the two molecules really interact more dynamically, both changing their shapes as they combine and separate.

Humans, like many other organisms, grow only to a certain size and then stay more or less the same. But all our tissues are constantly changing, some at incredible rates, and many of our individual cells are constantly growing, replacing old material with new. It is obvious that an organism grows by taking in food and transforming it into more of its own 42 genetics: a beginner’s guide characteristic structure. You are what you eat, says another old saw. We transform some of the molecules of our food into the substance of our bodies, plus wastes such as carbon dioxide, water, and urea.

Dissolved in this water are salts of such elements as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chlorine. The remainder consists of organic compounds, which are made of carbon (C) atoms combined with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen (N), and sometimes sulfur (S) or phosphorus (P). The simplest organic molecules, of the kind found in natural gas and oil deposits, are methane, ethane, and propane. 36 genetics: a beginner’s guide They are called hydrocarbons because they consist of hydrogen and carbon atoms.

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