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By Alex Barber, Robert J Stainton

The appliance of philosophy to language examine, and language research to philosophy, has skilled demonstrable highbrow development and diversification in fresh a long time. This paintings comprehensively analyzes and evaluates a few of the finest points of this vivid field.  An edited selection of articles taken from the award-winning Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2d variation, this quantity acts as a single-stop table reference source for the field, comprising contributions from the major students of philosophy of linguistics of their a variety of interdisciplinary specializations. From Plato's Cratylus to Semantic and Epistemic Holism, this attention-grabbing paintings authoritatively unpacks the various and multi-layered techniques of meaning, expression, id, fact, and numerous different subject matters and topics straddling the linguistic-philosophical meridian, in a hundred seventy five articles and over 900 pages. * Authoritative evaluation of this dynamic box put in an interdisciplinary context* Approximately one hundred seventy five articles by means of leaders within the box* Compact and cheap single-volume layout

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Thus, an a priori proposition must be true no matter how 12 Analytic/Synthetic, Necessary/Contingent, and a Priori/a Posteriori: Distinction things might have turned out in the world, which is the mark of a necessary truth. Second, if a proposition is a necessary truth, then it is true independently of the way things are. In which case, sense experience cannot play any role in explaining how we can know that proposition since experience can only furnish information about how things actually are, and not about how things must be.

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A proposition P is contingently true/false just in case P is true/false but could have been false/true (if the world had been otherwise in certain respects). The necessary/contingent distinction is therefore jointly exhaustive and mutually exclusive of every proposition that has a truth-value. (3a) Biological parents have at least one offspring. (4a) All dogs are dogs. Sentences (1b), (2b), (3b), and (4b) are necessary falsehoods: (1b) 12 Â 2 ¼ 25. (2b) Gold is not an element. (3b) Some biological parents have no offspring.

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