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Foreword Introduction Doug Washington’s Dinner Party Notes chapter one SMALL BITES chapter two BIG BITES chapter three THE CHEESE DEPARTMENT chapter four SANDWICHES, SANDWICHES, SANDWICHES chapter five SMOKE AND FIRE chapter six SLOWED COOKING chapter seven GRILLED, ROASTED, AND FRIED chapter eight DESSERTS chapter nine BASICS Acknowledgments Index FOREWORD By Wolfgang Puck IN 1989, I GOT A CALL FROM MY OLD FRIEND SEPPI RENGGLI, the legendary executive chef of The Four Seasons in New York.

It’s economical and easy to find (safflower oil is another good choice). At the restaurants, we use peanut oil which, though more expensive, has a higher smoking point. Use it if you can. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a small bite with fresher flavors than this one. Melon, plum, cucumber—they are like summer on a plate. I first experimented with these flavors following a trip to Italy, where I sampled a slew of variations of prosciutto and melon. That trip coincided with a period when crudo was the culinary buzzword of the day.

But there’s one place cooking never took me, and that’s home. I’ve survived much of the last thirty-five years on staff meals. The last thing I wanted to do after a double shift on the hot line was to go home and cook. But more recently things have changed. After establishing Town Hall, getting Salt House off the ground, and laying the groundwork for Anchor & Hope, I realized I was becoming a restaurateur. With each project, I was moving a little bit further away from the visceral pleasures of the kitchen.

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