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By L. Kaplan

In her newest ebook, Dr. Louise Kaplan, writer of the groundbreaking Female Perversions, explores the fetishism process, a mental security that goals to tame, subdue, and if invaluable, homicide human vitalities. via an exploration of such cultural phenomena as footbinding, fact tv, and the development of robots, Kaplan demonstrates how, in a technology-driven international, an knowing of the fetishism process will help to maintain the human discussion that's the foundation of all human relationships. Kaplan writes from the guts in addition to from the mind.

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4 Soon after I began to notice the fetishistic structure of Freud’s paper on fetishism, I read some books on footbinding.

Nevertheless, this going from one topic to another is not characteristic of Freud’s literary style, where usually the logical connections between ideas were as important as the ideas themselves. In the first sentence of the next paragraph Freud explains that in all cases of fetishism that he has treated, the purpose of the fetish turned out to be the same: When now I announce that the fetish is a substitute for the penis, I shall certainly create disappointment; so I hasten to add that it is not a substitute for any chance penis, but for a particular and quite special penis that had been extremely important in early childhood but had later been lost.

2 There is a tradition in China that, like psychoanalysis, encourages moving away from the external or material world in order to delve into the internal domain of thought and reflection. However, even within that tradition, silence, meditation, and introspection would be valued at the expense of revealing these thoughts directly to another human being. 4 Soon after I began to notice the fetishistic structure of Freud’s paper on fetishism, I read some books on footbinding.

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