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By Elaine Kauvar

Great novelists deserve high-quality literary research. Cynthia Ozick has discovered such critics... such a lot lately in Elaine Kauvar, whose current paintings is concurrently a profound contribution to Ozick interpretation and an astonishingly readable account of the novelist's rules and creative manner.... hugely recommended.? —Choice"... entire and fantastically written... "? —Studies within the Novel"... an indispensible paintings of scholarship.... ?ќCynthia Ozick's Fiction, in sum, demonstrates an astute and finished grab of either Ozick's writings and the massive shop of writings that impression her... a definitive and indispensible study... "? —American Literature"... a unprecedented mix of painstaking scholarship with superb serious intelligence and inventiveness." —Edward Alexander"... Elaine Kauvar's accomplished and wonderfully written learn of Cynthia Ozick's fiction may be welcomed as a heroic counter-cultural manifesto, either in what she says and within the attractiveness with which she says it." —Congress MonthlyLooking past the stereotype of Ozick's paintings as American-Jewish literature, Kauvar illuminates the intricacies of Ozick's texts and explores the dynamics of her creativity. Kauvar presents readings of all of Ozick's fiction from her first released novel, ?ќTrust, via ?ќThe Messiah of Stockholm.

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476).  Each episode in "Duneacres," from the initial experience the narrator has in front of the tree to the final revelation she gains in Huntingdon's house, brings her progressively closer to the truth, to full understanding. " Then the sun slides away, taking its light from the tree, and she knows herself to be "profane"— profane because irreligious, because uninitiated (481).  Refracting and reflecting the sunlight, the tree resembles the Inverted Tree in the Zohar, which illuminates the secret relationship of God, human beings, and the universe.

Not to be an eavesdropper is to be an "intruder," in front of whom Allegra and her husband invest "every conversation with a Doppelgänger" and force the narrator to retreat to that "wafer in the air on which one accumulates reality" (219, 220). " 15 That such an explanation of history occurs near the beginning of part 3 implies that its revelations are necessary but insufficient: the narrator must assess the meaning of the events she has ascertained from her mother's letters in Brighton.  It reflects his image the way the flag on the blue bicycle gave notice of the private visitor's identity.

But she values Nick's walk: it "was as real as his hand" (422, 533, 421, 533).  But one of his emblems, the fertile jewelweed, has blossoms "culminating in short spurs the hue of a kitten's tongue" (180).  Strange and new, I breathed the minotaur.  A mirror and blood were part of the Mystery religions: one suggested self­knowledge and the other was dripped onto the Page 26 initiates as part of the rituals.  The initiation rites are unfinished. 29 Until the narrator returns from the labyrinth at Duneacres, the estate Huntingdon planned as a museum in which the history of the origin of life could be learned, it cannot be said that she has ended her journey.

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