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By Mingliang (Michael) Liu

This e-book is helping engineers to know basic theories and layout ideas by means of proposing actual and intuitive factors of switched-capacitor circuits. quite a few circuit examples are mentioned and the writer emphasizes an important and basic ideas fascinated about enforcing state of the art switched-capacitor circuits for analog sign processing and gear administration purposes. during the ebook, the writer offers a number of step by step tutorials and provides sensible layout examples.

While a few quantitative research is important to appreciate underlying innovations, tedious mathematical equations and formal proofs are refrained from. An intuitive appreciation for switched-capacitor circuits is completed. a lot of the prevailing details on modern switched-capacitor circuit purposes is within the type of purposes notes and information sheets for numerous switched-capacitor ICs. This booklet compiles such details in one quantity and coherently organizes and constructions it.

* step by step tutorials which emphasize the main basic principals
* Few tedious mathematical equations
* the 1st easy-to-understand compilation in this topic

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However, to the derivation of a bilinear SC circuit from its continuous-time RC prototype, simply replacing each branch resistor with its corresponding SC resistor simulation is not adequate, and a sample-and-hold (S&H) clocked at 2fclk must be added before the SC circuit’s input. As reported by Temes et al. [4], the main purpose of this S&H is to eliminate a charge leakage. This leakage is neither due to charge injection (see Chapter 1) nor caused by voltage-dependent nonlinear capacitance [5] because so far ideal switches and capacitor have been assumed.

Thus, Cp1 does not affect the transfer function, and the integrator is parasitic insensitive. 2(c). Interestingly enough, it can be found by inspection that besides a few changes in nodal and switch configurations, the key difference between these two integrators lies in the polarity of the net charge transferred from Vin to Vout. 3(a) the input is charged onto the bottom plate of C.

1% to 1%, while Cbp varies from 5% to as much as 20% of the desired capacitance C [10]. 3, we will learn in detail how this particular SC element (or its modification, discussed later) can be used to effectively eliminate the effects of parasitic capacitances. 1(f), which is given by Requ = 1/Cfclk. 1(f). It can be shown that such phase reversals will introduce a sign change to the transfer function as well as to the equivalent resistance value. , a negative resistor). The derivation of these resistances is left to the reader as an exercise.

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