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An undergraduate textbook designed for classes regarding layout and manufacture. half 1 covers the fundamentals of layout (process, specification, drawing, BS4500, regular parts, bolts, gears, belts and so forth) and of producing strategies (cutting, casting, bulk deformation, sheet steel, powder forming, becoming a member of, floor remedy, quality controls etc). half 2 exhibits how those basics could be built-in through linking layout and production judgements, contemplating affects of volume, fabrics, ergonomics, aesthetics and so on and discussing the organisational details flows and controls required for a ecocnomic product. Examples drawn from are incorporated as acceptable.

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G. gear pump spindle bearings, sewing machine needle bar guide. • Hl h6 Location: At MMC clearance. g. valve guide. g. shaft coupling or end cap with bearing. g. bronze bush in a ferrous housing. g. thin cylinder lining in a cylinder block. If you are using standard components such as bearings, the supplier's catalogue will often give information as to the appropriate fit that should be used. In such cases you would be well advised to heed their recommendations. 18, and refer to the tables in Appendix B for the actual tolerance values.

The remaining part (or section) is shown using the normal projection rules. 11. Note that the sectioning plane has been identified by a thin chain line, thickened at the ends where the identifying letters are shown. g. Section AA. These drawings have been produced using first angle projection. Note the use of the appropriate symbol. Also note that the axis of the hole has been identified in each view with a thin chained line. This is normal practice on engineering drawings. Hatching: Hatching is used to indicate those parts of a component cut by a sectioning plane.

6 Development of third angle projection There is another equally useful version of orthographic projection called third angle projection. 6). This time imagine the planes are the sides of a glass box and that we are viewing the box through the planes. We then draw the view of what we see on the appropriate side of the glass box. As before, the drawings are projected directly from the object and should be both to scale and in correct alignment. Again, the end view is generated by adding a third side to the glass box.

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