There is a old gallery and slag hills which has been operated by Armenian miners in this locationThe coordinates of the location of the Sahin Stream Mineralization are Y: 39442, X: 56920. At and around Sahin Stream, units with quartz schist and chloride schist alterations exist. Among the quartz schists, zones with pyrites-chalcopyrites, with a width of 5-10 meters and with a length of 200-250 meters and with limonites. It formed in the schists in the area. Quartz schists are observed in sequences at the intermediate levels of the schists among the gray greenish, dark gray laminas in the form of quartz crystals. Chloride schists are dark greenish and have very thin schistosities and show alterations with argillaceous schists. Between argillaceous schists and quartz schists, syngenetic and milk quartz providing a thickness of 10-40 cm is observed in the unit frequently in the form of thin sausages and twiggies. Argillaceous schists have very thin laminas and excessive iron and they show magnetization. Due to excessive deformation and tectonic effects, the units were fractured and folded within them and they show micro folds along cleavage planes.


Göçükdibi Outcrop (2% Cu, 6% Zn)