Kure Stream Mineralization is located in the same unit as the Sahin Stream Mineralization. There is an adit in Komurluk Stream that was opened in previous years. The coordinates of the location of the adit are Y: 36906, X: 56972. The adit was opened in the quartz schist and schist contact. There is an alteration zone with a length of 400 meters and with a width of 40-50 meters along the stream. Alteration zone lies in the western shoulder of the stream in the northeast southwest direction. Zones with limonites with a width of 5-10 meters exist in the unit in the form of purple schist and argillaceous schist alteration. These zones with limonites are in altered forms in the schists as thin-long stripes. Limonitizations are observed both among the laminas and on the surfaces of fractures and fissures. Furthermore, large amounts of azurite and malachite plastings exist in the schist foliations following the fractures and the fissures.

IMG_1063 (2)

Kure Hill Outcrop (1.6% Cu, 4% Zn)